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Life is to live and expand infinitely, and not to waste it in worrying or thinking negative. One must expand self with capacities, skills, thinking and relationships in order to experience best life. It doesn’t matter where you stand right now, you can always start your journey towards life of your dreams. If you don't know how to get started, perhaps this is just a right moment to know.

My website, Abundance Thinkers, is a site about personal growth and development. It is designed to facilitate individuals in their personal journey of reaching the best of potential. It presents a collection of articles on variety of topics for personal growth and life skills. Reading these articles would broaden your horizon and would help you to overcome your suboptimal mindsets.
Also, there is a collection of inspirational quotes covering almost all aspects of life. All inspirational quotes are conceived and designed by me. To showcase my interest in photography, I have used my own photo clicks as the background images for all (except for few) inspirational quotes.

Hope, your visit to my website will help you in seeking answers to some of your very deeply felt questions. Wishing you all the best for your journey of personal growth.

-Seema Bhatnagar

What matters most?

Posted on: 20, Jan, 2016
Life sometimes feels like a rollercoaster, throwing challenges, problems, and opportunities every moment. Whether at work, at home or being alone, our mind is constantly thinking about one thing or another. It is like, we daily sail through the surface of turbulent tides of our own thoughts. This daily sailing adventure robs us of opportunity to think deeper about what it is that really matters to us and where to put our focus. Read more

The magic of 20 over 80.

Posted on: 15, Dec, 2015
Our common logic says, the more tasks we do it is better. But looking closely, this does not hold true in all situations of life. On giving a deeper thought it would come to light that usually it is the lesser percentage of all actions that we perform on daily basis accounts for larger percentage of effectiveness in life. Read more

Yes or No – What it takes to make powerful decisions?

Posted on: 7, Oct, 2015
Life is all about making decisions, however big or small they may be. Observing little closely, every moment we are taking some or the other decision whether it is about eating food, making relationships or choosing jobs. For every small activity of life we tend to think and decide the best possible action to undertake. Sometimes it happens that we get stuck in our own trap of thinking and find ourselves paralysed with no exit possible, completely clueless and directionless. Read more

10 Life Transforming Inspirational Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi.

Posted on: 2, Oct, 2015
10 Life Transforming Inspirational Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi. Read more

Until it hurts.

Posted on: 18, Sept, 2015
Have you ever felt like postponing something very important in life, simply for the reason that it demands more efforts or might disturb your current setup or it might stain your social image? Do you feel that sometimes you think too much before making bold or tiny changes in life? Read more

Focus is power.

Posted on: 6, Sept, 2015
How is it, that placing a focusing-lens on a piece of paper for few minutes and it starts smoldering at one point? Is it a magic of lens or a magic of sun rays. Why is it that power glasses make you sees things clearly? Is it a magic of eye or a magic of power glasses? In both the events, it is a harmony of two objects which could produce the required result - the right focus of energy. Read more

Are you a consumer or a contributor?

Posted on: 14, Aug, 2015
In our day to day life, for majority of our needs we are dependent on others. For most of us, the meaning of consumption gets translated as wearable or eatables. Just by giving a deeper thought on the pattern of consumption, it can open altogether a new horizon of thinking. Read more

In the lap of nature. – Part II – Mesmerizing Leh-Ladhak.

Posted on: 5, Aug, 2015
This is in continuation to, In the lap of nature. – Part I – Paradise on Earth, Kashmir, which was about journey of Srinagar and nearby towns. Our second half of journey was to explore Leh and Ladakh region to the highest possible point. Read more

In the lap of nature. – Part I – Paradise on Earth, Kashmir

Posted on: 5, Aug, 2015
The grandeur of Himalayas is something to bow down to – with Mount Everest, earth’s highest (8,848 meters) mountain in its lap and being a source of 5 rivers, it has its own magnanimity and magnificence. Being a youngest mountain range in the world it is still growing and expanding gradually to attain full youth. For India, it is like a soldier standing on the northern boundaries, dividing India from China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bhutan and Nepal. Read more

Is honesty the best policy?

Posted on: 2, June, 2015
Do you believe - it is ok to be dishonest sometimes if situation demands? Well, it could be a very tricky question to answer. Its answer depends on what kind of life you have lived, how strongly you have lived and how particular you are about personal values. Read more

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