How to handle emotions?(Success At Work series.)

Emotions are the very core of human beings and are the main drivers of behavior at work and in personal life. Emotions play a very significant role in motivating or demotivating us for work. If they are not channeled and controlled well can become the sole reason of dropped productivity and suboptimal relationships with others. Read more

Posted on: 23 Apr, 2014

How to manage conflicts?(Success At Work series.)

Conflicts are inevitable part of our daily life, be it at home or at work. Constant conflicting issues become the sole reasons of mutual bitterness and ugly relationships. Conflicting situations arise because of overlooking other party's view point and glorifying personal perspective. Read more

Posted on: 16 Apr, 2014

How to avoid politics at work? (Success At Work series.)

In every group there is a group dynamics involved which influence performance of individuals. Politics or lobbying people at work is a common scenario and it results in demotivating many and motivating few. Politics at work is purely for personal interests and to gain power and influence over others. It really doesn't help in improving personal growth and success. Even if people believe it can give success, that success last as long as a wave in a sea. If you are serious about your career growth and success you must not indulge in politics. Read more

Posted on: 9 Apr, 2014

Food - Emotions and Sensitivity

Food is an essential component for our survival. The quality and quantity of our food have major impact on our personality and it has a power to affect our emotions. For some, wrong choices of food create lifelong health problems while for some it acts as nectar. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan are the three broad categories of food and our everyday choices of food are based on combination of these categories. Read more

Posted on: 7 Apr, 2014

How to develop excellence at work? (Success At Work series.)

It is said that "Work is worship.". Well, it is really true for people who love their work and find themselves completely engrossed in it, for them, it is no lesser than meditation. However, for majority of people work is just a drudgery and they find themselves entrapped in it. If people develop excellence in their work and find it interesting and satisfying, work can really become worship. Read more

Posted on: 01 Apr, 2014

How to manage expectations? (Success At Work series.)

Expectations are the most important part of our daily life, be it at work or at home. With every relationship and role there are expectations attached and in every possible way we all are striving to meet each other's expectations. Due to mismatch and misalignment of expectations, relationships develop discord and ultimately leads to stress, anxiety and demotivation. Read more

Posted on: 27 Mar, 2014

How to handle criticism? (Success At Work series.)

"Criticism" as a word invokes bitterness and a feeling of low morale. Really, there is no area of life where you have not faced criticism, right from personal life to every day job at work. Unfortunately, for many it becomes a cause of mutual bitterness and spoiler of relationships; this is due to the fact that it has not been taken in the right spirit and attitude. Read more

Posted on: 18 Mar, 2014

Happy Holi

Holi is not just a festival of colors but a way to participate with Mother nature to celebrate the vibrancy and colors of spring. It has a message that playfulness is an important aspect of life and one must be playful to experience the real fun of life. Read more

Posted on: 16 Mar, 2014

How to handle feedback? (Success At Work series.)

Feedback is an important component of success and growth, but unfortunately this word itself invokes a feeling of negativity. Feedback generally gives a feeling of being overly criticized or as a tool of vengeance (especially in office politics). If used properly it can do wonders to personal growth and success at work, but since it is like an art so most people lack finesse at it, both for giving and taking. Due to lack of finesse, employees feel low with morale and demotivated at work after every appraisal cycle in organization. Read more

Posted on: 12 Mar, 2014

Shakti - The Woman

Today being a women's day might be a very special occasion for many of you. Though personally, I do not see anything to feel happy about it. But for sure, there is at least one good reason about it is that awareness can be raised for people who still believe in old school of thought and consider women as inferior and without a soul. It might be happy for many but even today there are millions of women across the world who cannot even imagine the words like dignity and freedom. Read more

Posted on: 8 Mar, 2014

How to do self-appraisal? (Success At Work series.)

Appraisal is a yearly activity in every organization based on which employees gets compensations and responsibilities. For some, the result of this activity comes out as a surprise and for some it works as a ladder to reach higher in career. Why it is a painful experience for some, because employees have different perception about themselves than what organization has. If each employee conducts regular self-appraisal without waiting for final appraisal, a lot of pain, hurt and surprises can be avoided and it can also act as a map for personal growth Read more

Posted on: 5 Mar, 2014

Love - The sweet love.

Love is the sweetest emotion of all and possesses power to transform and heal. Those who are blessed to experience it know its' power. Very few people possess a power to express and feel it; mostly feel deprived of it throughout life. Fortunately or unfortunately, love is one of the most frequently used words and also the least experienced one in personal life. Read more

Posted on: 27 Feb, 2014

How to develop new skills? (Success At Work series.)

In today's age of cut throat competition learning new skills is more than ever essential to survive in rapidly changing job market. New technologies and new businesses require people with new skills. Remaining with old skills will surely keep you expert in that particular domain but you will not be able to harness new opportunities in the job market. Read more

Posted on: 25 Feb, 2014

How to enhance personal productivity? (Success At Work series.)

Productivity is personal ability to deliver maximum in less time. This is a most desired quality of an employee. Because of low productivity, teams and organization suffer delays and incur losses. It is of immense importance that employees are productive enough to deliver their best. Read more

Posted on: 18 Feb, 2014

Ego - The tamable enemy.

Frequently heard, frequently used, ego is a word, which each one of us has heard since childhood. We experience and use it every day, at work or at home in our relationships with the world. It plays a significant role in building and destroying our relationships with others. We often take a moment and label others as egoist on not finding them what we expect them to do. Read more

Posted on: 1 Feb, 2014

A life of Message.

Great personalities of the world do not belong to any particular geography or nationality but they born and live to inspire humanity. Mahatma Gandhi is one such personality who inspired millions in this world with his simplicity and steadfastness in pursuing personal values of non-violence, truth, selflessness and love for humanity. Read more

Posted on: 30 Jan, 2014

You are your Habits.

"Habits make a person", really, it has such a profound truth in it . On closely observing everybody around, you too would agree that each one of us is a bundle of habits. Habits are given by our parents, teachers, friends, peers and environment in which we live. Environment plays a very important role in giving us habits. Company of people with good and healthy habits bring positive influence while company of people with unhealthy habits have a negative and damaging effect. Read more

Posted on: 24 Jan, 2014

10 Life Transforming Habits.

A new year with a new vision, new mindsets and new thoughts, so why not develop some new habits too. Habits actually make an individual, as Swami Vivekananda germanely quoted that character of a man is a bundle of habit. This wisdom looks so simple to read but it is actually so true and deep. Alas, many of us ignore this and just settle for suboptimal life by practicing habits which really don't work for us and give us constant pain and sorrow. Read more

Posted on: 4 Jan, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Wishing you a very Happy and magnificent New Year 2014. Let's welcome together the year 2014 with big hands, open arms, open heart and open mind. May this year brings joy and success in every aspect of your life and may you experience the peak of your potential. Read more

Posted on: 30 Dec, 2013

The foot prints - 2013

With the ending of each year we positively look forward for new hopes and possibilities but somewhere forget to feel grateful for what we achieved in the passing year. Each year is not just an occasion for celebrating birthday and adding one year to life but also a bright opportunity to experience personal growth. 2013 is reaching its fag end and soon will slip into history. Before it slips, let's look back and see how far we have travelled in our journey of personal growth. Read more

Posted on: 26 Dec, 2013

Self-Discipline - 24 hours Meditation - Part V

Being a person who loves personal freedom beyond its meaning, self-discipline sounds a bit mismatched. But honestly, I am a staunch believer of self-discipline and ensure that I follow it in my each and every act.Looking back, I have been mostly regular in my studies, attending school, university and then in job, but yes there were certain occasions when I jumped the line of self-discipline. Read more

Posted on: 13 Dec, 2013

Self-Discipline - 24 hours Meditation - Part IV

The areas of developing self-discipline are highly vast; it can be from any aspect of life. It can be food habits, relationships, health & fitness, studies, work or money related; it could be just anything. Since each of us is a unique being, following one path might not be a solution to all. Each one of us has different capabilities and emotional reactions and responses, so a path should also be accordingly. Read more

Posted on:9 Dec, 2013

Self-Discipline - 24 hours Meditation - Part III

The great Indian sages some 1700 years back, realized the value of self-discipline in life and laid down the foundation of Hindu philosophy for building personal character to reach the peak of human potential. They prescribed certain rules and guidelines, practicing which, an individual can develop pure and strong character to lead a happier and joyful life. Maharishi Patanjali who is also called as, "The Father of Yoga", compiled some 195 sutras (aphorisms), which serve as a framework for integrating Yoga into daily routine for leading an ethical life. Read more

Posted on:5 Dec, 2013

Self-Discipline - 24 hours Meditation - Part II

Until and unless, we understand, know and appreciate the importance of self-discipline, there is no point in telling self to follow it. Let's understand from our daily life, where exactly it starts from. Here are some daily activities which reflect our self-discipline: Read more

Posted on:2 Dec, 2013

Self-Discipline - 24 hours Meditation - Part I

Great leaders, Olympic winners and successful people share some common qualities which set them apart. Years and years of practice to follow a particular routine without losing enthusiasm and sight of a goal is one of the commonest qualities which all successful people share. Great performances, great monuments, great technologies and great books exist only because certain people lived life with self-discipline. There is no area of life where self-discipline is not required, be it studies, job, relationships, career, personal habits of eating, sleeping or fitness. Its importance is just inexpressible and invaluable. Read more

Posted on:26 Nov, 2013

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