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Life is to live and expand infinitely, and not to waste it in worrying or thinking negative. One must expand self with capacities, skills, thinking and relationships in order to experience best life. It doesn’t matter where you stand right now, you can always start your journey towards life of your dreams. If you don't know how to get started, perhaps this is just a right moment to know.

My website, Abundance Thinkers, is a site about personal growth and development. It is designed to facilitate individuals in their personal journey of reaching the best of potential. It presents a collection of articles on variety of topics for personal growth and life skills. Reading these articles would broaden your horizon and would help you to overcome your suboptimal mindsets.
Also, there is a collection of inspirational quotes covering almost all aspects of life. All inspirational quotes are conceived and designed by me. To showcase my interest in photography, I have used my own photo clicks as the background images for all (except for few) inspirational quotes.

Hope, your visit to my website will help you in seeking answers to some of your very deeply felt questions. Wishing you all the best for your journey of personal growth.

-Seema Bhatnagar

Yes or No – What it takes to make powerful decisions?

Posted on: 7 Oct, Sept, 2015
Life is all about making decisions, however big or small they may be. Observing little closely, every moment we are taking some or the other decision whether it is about eating food, making relationships or choosing jobs. For every small activity of life we tend to think and decide the best possible action to undertake. Sometimes it happens that we get stuck in our own trap of thinking and find ourselves paralysed with no exit possible, completely clueless and directionless. Read more

10 Life Transforming Inspirational Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi.

Posted on: 2 Oct, Sept, 2015
10 Life Transforming Inspirational Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi. Read more

Until it hurts.

Posted on: 18, Sept, 2015
Have you ever felt like postponing something very important in life, simply for the reason that it demands more efforts or might disturb your current setup or it might stain your social image? Do you feel that sometimes you think too much before making bold or tiny changes in life? Read more

Focus is power.

Posted on: 6, Sept, 2015
How is it, that placing a focusing-lens on a piece of paper for few minutes and it starts smoldering at one point? Is it a magic of lens or a magic of sun rays. Why is it that power glasses make you sees things clearly? Is it a magic of eye or a magic of power glasses? In both the events, it is a harmony of two objects which could produce the required result - the right focus of energy. Read more

Are you a consumer or a contributor?

Posted on: 14, Aug, 2015
In our day to day life, for majority of our needs we are dependent on others. For most of us, the meaning of consumption gets translated as wearable or eatables. Just by giving a deeper thought on the pattern of consumption, it can open altogether a new horizon of thinking. Read more

In the lap of nature. – Part II – Mesmerizing Leh-Ladhak.

Posted on: 5, Aug, 2015
This is in continuation to, In the lap of nature. – Part I – Paradise on Earth, Kashmir, which was about journey of Srinagar and nearby towns. Our second half of journey was to explore Leh and Ladakh region to the highest possible point. Read more

In the lap of nature. – Part I – Paradise on Earth, Kashmir

Posted on: 5, Aug, 2015
The grandeur of Himalayas is something to bow down to – with Mount Everest, earth’s highest (8,848 meters) mountain in its lap and being a source of 5 rivers, it has its own magnanimity and magnificence. Being a youngest mountain range in the world it is still growing and expanding gradually to attain full youth. For India, it is like a soldier standing on the northern boundaries, dividing India from China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bhutan and Nepal. Read more

Is honesty the best policy?

Posted on: 2, June, 2015
Do you believe - it is ok to be dishonest sometimes if situation demands? Well, it could be a very tricky question to answer. Its answer depends on what kind of life you have lived, how strongly you have lived and how particular you are about personal values. Read more

Royal indulgence.

Posted on: 12, May, 2015
Rajasthan is a state in northern part of India, flaunts a royal past of Rajput dynasty. There have been umpteen numbers of warriors and heroes from this royal land. Almost every city of Rajasthan has a shining glory behind it, be it Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner or Udaipur. It has been a place of wars and battles between Rajputs and Mughals. The forts and palaces are the living proofs of richness and grandeur of great dynasties. Read more

A journey to magnificence.

Posted on: 5, May, 2015
Sometimes it happens that looking at certain object invokes a deep seated feeling which actually helps in understanding the real meaning of a particular word. This is what I realized after visiting temples of Khajuraho. Khajuraho is a small village in Madhya Pradesh state, located in northern part of India. Read more

Be a fountain of positivity.

Posted on: 12 Mar, 2015
Being a positive person is an essence of a good human being. This is not a quote or wisdom from any scripture or holy book, but this is something that each one of us can experience in our daily life. It is that single quality which sets you apart from others. In this world where people are leading stressful and depressed life, this is a quality which promises a light in the darkness of negativity. Read more

How to handle negative people?

Posted on: 26 Feb, 2015
In this world, it is impossible to find an individual who has never come across any negative person in life. Each one of us has an experience of dealing with or facing a negative person - that person could be your friend, teacher, sibling, spouse, parent or boss, almost every interaction in life throws a possibility of coming across a negative person. Dealing with negative person is a sheer pain and loss of personal energy, moreover it retards and inhibits personal growth. Read more

My trip down South of India – Part II

Posted on: 15 Feb, 2015
Kerala is one of the most historical cities of India. It is a culturally rich city that has been a spiritual place for many enlightened beings. Adi Shankarachaya, a prodigy, born in Kaladi region of Kerala established institutions of Advaita Vedanta across India. His teachings and commentaries had added a new depth to the understanding of Advaita school of thought. No doubt, from every aspect, Kerala, is a true representation of Indian culture and heritage. Read more

My trip down South of India – Part I

Posted on: 3 Feb, 2015
Are you a person who loves to travel different places and have a great taste to know something different? Travelling to know new places, people and learning to live life in a way which is strange or unknown to you is a great way to bring personal growth. I have been travelling on and off since last many years but I have not explored many places of the world. Have seen some really wonderful and amazing places across Europe but not beyond that and have not seen much in India also. Read more

Life with a new perspective.

Posted on: 21 Jan, 2015
How about living life with a new perspective? Why to wait for a new year to begin, why not to seek a new perspective now, every day and every moment and for every little and big situations of life. Is it really so tough because it is a matter of pushing self to a new plain of thinking. For many of us, new year is an occasion for new resolutions, new goals and new desires to achieve but what I feel is, it should happen every day, we must look for opportunities to seek new perspectives of looking at things every day and every moment in every situations of life. Most of our problems in life are due to narrow and hackneyed way of thinking so doesn’t it make sense to seek opportunities for renewing our patterns of thinking and rise above the tried and tested ways of thinking. Read more

Bitterness– A toxic inside.

Posted on: 21 Dec, 2014
Do you like bitter food, bitter people or bitter and harsh comments? Well, I guess, the most probable answer would be, …..No, in fact a big NO. We have an inherent tendency to reject and dislike bitterness, doesn't matter whether it is in food or in behaviour. Disliking for bitterness conveys a very important fact that our body doesn't enjoy bitterness in any form. Read more

Criticism – An inevitable part of life. - Part II

Posted on: 14 Nov, 2014
Criticism, whether it is giving or receiving, is an art, and that’s a reason why it is so difficult to learn and no wonder, many fails at it. It is interesting to note that when it is such a sensitive issue and impacts our day-to-day life, hardly anybody is willing to spend time and energy in learning to handle it. Read more

Criticism – An inevitable part of life. - Part I

Posted on: 9 Nov, 2014
Criticism is something that we all face at every stage of life. For most of us, criticism is something which makes us feel unwanted and triggers ill feeling against others. There is hardly any relationship, situation or event in life where criticism does not exist. It is something which is absolutely an inevitable and bitter part of life.It is quite intriguing, what is that element which makes us feel uncomfortable about handling or facing it? Why do we feel negative when we get to face it? Why people end up spoiling relationships because of it? In a nutshell, why it is so difficult to digest criticism. Read more

Do you know the root cause?

Posted on: 10 Oct, 2014
On everyday basis we find ourselves struggling, resolving or suffering with one problem or another. Out of this whole bunch of problems there are few which seems eternal and impossible to be resolved in this life time. Even on trying hard, certain problems in life simply persists and sucks life out of us. They are like weeds in the lush green garden. Even when you run mower on them they return with same vigor. Until you uproot them fully, no respite from them. Read more

Procrastination - Part IV

Posted on: 24 Sept, 2014
Procrastination no doubt is damaging from every possible angle and can silently damage career and personal relationships in long run. It projects an image of a careless and irresponsible individual who can't be trusted for any responsible job. Read more

Procrastination - Part III

Posted on: 16 Sept, 2014
Procrastination is a symbol of deep seated dullness and inertia in an individual. It affects almost all areas of life and doesn't let an individual to enjoy life fully. Doesn't matter what role you are playing in life or at what stage you are in, if you are a procrastinator, you will continue living a life with low-self-esteem and confidence. Following are some aspects of life which are severely affected by habit of procrastination:Read more

Procrastination - Part II

Posted on: 10 Sept, 2014
When one is blessed with almost with all that is required to live a decent life then what could be the compelling reason for falling prey to this habit, this is something must be pondered upon deeply. Since humans are complex entities in aspects of emotions, desire and aspirations, so figuring out right reason for procrastination sounds difficult indeed but exploring different angles of personality can surely give some clues about this habit. Following are some pointers which may help you in reaching to the root cause.Read more

Procrastination - Part I

Posted on: 1 Sept, 2014
How many times you felt that it is ok postponing a particular task for now, even if it is an important one, and said to yourself - "since I have ample time, let me enjoy watching movie or let me catch a quick nap". This might be a common scenario for many because doing this gives a feeling of pleasure and a sense of momentary freedom of being self or doing something which you really enjoy. But this habit of perpetual procrastination can literally damage career and relationships in long run.Read more

When things don't go your way.

Posted on: 18 Jul, 2014
You want to lose weight but failing every time, you want to get promoted to next title in your organization but your boss doesn't trust your capabilities. Your boss lashes out verbally at you for not doing up-to-the-mark job. You want your partner to be understanding but your spouse is always criticizing you for every decision.Read more

Are you a perfectionist? - Part III

Posted on: 17 Jul, 2014
Being a perfectionist means living with a narrow view of life, constantly on guards and avoiding people in fear of getting true self revealed. How suffocating such a life is? Isn't it jeopardizing your personal growth?Read more

Are you a perfectionist? - Part II

Posted on: 14 Jul, 2014
There are two main types of perfectionists. Adaptive is the one who believes in continuously working on goals despite failures on the way while maladaptive is the one who would feel defeated by every block and would take every tiny failure as a personal inadequacy and would feel distressed and beaten by circumstances.Read more

Are you a perfectionist? - Part I

Posted on: 8 Jul, 2014
Do you feel over stressed and anxious most of the times while working on an important piece of work, spending copious amount of time for completing any work, beat yourself up for making errors? Do you believe that anything lesser than a perfect is a failure for you? You yell or get angry over others for not doing up to the mark job.Read more

15 Super ideas for a powerful life.

Posted on: 5 Jul, 2014

Intellect at its best - How to enhance personal creativity?

Posted on: 5 Jun, 2014
How many times you surprised yourself by creating something which you never thought of, something you never imagined about. It might not be a piece of art but it could be as little or insignificant as organizing your closet or a drawer or some new way of doing your everyday work. Probably, you have done it several times but every time you ignored thinking it something as usual. If you have done such tiny little tasks with a touch of difference, then congratulate yourself for expressing your creativity. You might not take it seriously but it is true. Creativity is generally misunderstood of being something belonging to highly intelligent people or artists. This is not true and in fact it is a very narrow view of word "creativity".Read more

Are you living or sleepwalking?

Posted on: 27 May, 2014
Sleepwalking…How interesting this word sounds? Actually, it makes one to think if this is really possible in a real world or just a word. To your surprise this word has a stark reality behind it. Interestingly, majority of people are actually sleepwalking day and night. Sleepwalking people looks absolutely normal, in fact sometimes they can make you feel inferior. Interestingly, you can find them playing leadership roles, highly placed and enjoying name and fame in society. They are just everywhere, turn your head around and you will find that almost everyone belongs to that category.Read more

How to build great teams?(Success At Work series.)

Posted on: 20 May, 2014
Getting people together and building great teams is as great challenge and a skill in itself. Working in great team makes people more productive and chisel them for success. Organizations are constantly motivating and incentivizing people to develop team spirit. Without learning and working in team, nothing can be accomplished.History has plethora of examples where great teams have delivered great works. Read more

How to be Cyber Safe?

Posted on: 18 May, 2014
Connectivity and communication are the basis of modern world. Our existence seems meaningless without web presence. A person without web presence is nothing lesser than a non-existent being of this planet. With rapidly growing dependence on online communication there is also a rising threat of cyber security. There is always a dangling threat of personal details to be misused. Personal details can be used for making online transactions and withdrawing money from your bank account. Read more

How to be ethical at work? (Success At Work series.)

Posted on: 13 May, 2014
Personal ethics are core of personality. Organizations seek ways to impose ethics on employees in view of encouraging productivity. However, it is also true that imposed ethics do not work for too long as compared to self imposed or personal ethics. This is because there are several subtle ways in which imposed ethics can be twisted by employees without getting noticed by anybody. Read more

Leadership - An Unwavering spirit.

Posted on: 9 May, 2014
The word "Leadership" has a special significance in the history of this world. Only because of great leaderships, this world has seen rapid development and revolutionary changes, be it any field, science, technology, politics, philosophy etc. Without great leadership history would have been without streaks of brilliance. It reminds us of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and many more who incredibly changed the path of history with their leadership spirit. A burning desire to do something for others or to create something new and meaningful drove them moment to moment and that desire only helped them to overcome the hurdles and troubles on the way. Read more

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