Book - "Live the best of your potential."

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"Live the best of your potential" is a book for those personal growth enthusiasts who want to live above average and powerful life.

It is an essential step-by-step guide for individuals who want to get introduced to personal growth and development. It has a collection of some of the core areas of personal growth and development. These topics are the fundamentals which any personal growth enthusiast cannot afford to ignore. Each topic is explained through inspirational quotes, my own personal experience, followed by progress check of reader's understanding of topic and finally advice on further steps to be taken. If read regularly, this book can prove highly effective in developing new mindsets and perspective for living a powerful life.

Controlling anger, ego, how to develop discipline in life, idea of personal success etc. are some of the core topics explored here. These topics are also available for free to read on my blog. On blog, there is no sequence maintained and topics are not supported with any additional advice or further directions. This sequence of importance has a larger role to play than just being a series of numbers - reading in order of importance will gradually shape reader's understanding of fundamentals and will help in developing clarity over importance and relevance of that particular topic.

Sneak peek.

Age is no bar for reading this book, in fact if somebody starts reading it at early age, it can help wonderfully to create awareness about personal growth and development. If you are looking to gift somebody with something memorable then you may end your search by gifting this book.

Don't judge a book by its cover.

The figure, white and blue colored box on right hand side of book cover, is a little piece of art, designed by me. It says thousand words about the title itself. The blue portion represents a peak against a white background. The peak symbolizes a vast expanse of personal growth and development with the possibility of reaching to its pinnacle. The overall picture expresses a deep desire of each individual to reach the peak of personal potential - which actually means, to live the best of personal potential.

I am grateful to you.

With humble and sincere gesture of gratitude, here is my Free Gift for readers. There is a colorful, print-ready, medium sized (16" X 23") inspirational poster on personal growth with every purchase of this book, further details to request it are given inside the book. If poster doesn't suit your taste, you may also ask for an image (of this poster) to be set as a desktop background for getting your daily dose of inspirations.

This book can be purchased as a printed version or digitized version as an eBook. Currently, this book is available only in India; very soon it will be available internationally.

I deeply desire, may you feel motivated to buy this book to start your journey of living with the best of personal potential.

With my heartiest wishes.

Seema Bhatnagar

Seema Bhatnagar
, Blogger, Writer, Life Coach and Founder of Abundance Thinkers, site for personal growth and development. Empowering people in achieving and living the best of personal potential.