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Himalayan Sacred Walks - Part IV

Posted on: 17, Nov, 2017
Badrinath is a holy town in Chamoli district of Uttrakhand, located at a 3,100 metres (10,170 feet). The main attraction of this town is, Badrinath Temple. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this temple is located on the banks of river Alaknanda. This is a holy place of pilgrimage for Vaishnavas or the devotees of Lord Vishnu. Read more

Himalayan Sacred Walks - Part III

Posted on: 12, Nov, 2017
Guptkashi is a town in Rudraprayag district at a distance of 26 km from Kedarnath, located at elevation of 1,319 metres (4,327 ft) on the banks of river Mandakini. Read more

Himalayan Sacred Walks - Part II

Posted on: 3, Nov, 2017
Kedarnath is located at a distance of 223 km from Rishikesh, at a height of 3,583 m (11,755 ft) above sea level in Rudraprayag district of Uttrakhand state. It is of much significance because of the Kedarnath temple, which has one of the twelve jyotirlingas, (the most significant places of worship of Lord Shiva) Read more

Himalayan Sacred Walks - Part I

Posted on: 25, Oct, 2017
The tall and mighty Himalayan ranges in the Northern border of India are the backbone of the country, protecting it from harsh winters and chilly winds. The name "Himalaya" means "the abode or house of snow", in Sanskrit language it means - “hima” - "snow", and alaya" - abode or house". It represents the loftiest and one of the most rugged mountain barriers in the world often referred to as the "roof of the world". Read more

Competition – An ignition or defusing?

Posted on: 18, Aug, 2017
The very word, “competition”, sends jitters to many. This word conveys a feeling of participating in some race with an objective to stay ahead by beating someone. Read more

On cloud nine. - Paragliding at Bir-Billing.

Posted on: 23, June, 2017
Bir-Billing, located in Himachal Pradesh, India, is a second World famous paragliding site. It is also a place which hosted 2015 paragliding World cup. Read more

World Earth Day - 22 April

Posted on: 21, Apr, 2017
Mother Earth, with her gushing rivers, hues of greens on mountains, symphony of waterfalls unrelentingly creates picturesque and breathtaking landscapes for us to enjoy. The fruits, vegetables, grains, water everything what we need to sustain life is made available by our real mother, the Mother Earth. Read more

World Health Day - 7 April

Posted on: 7, Apr, 2017
7th April is celebrated as a World health Day. This is to raise awareness about prevailing health issues across the globe. This year, WHO has declared depression as the main health issue hitting hard globally. Read more

Adventure and fun at Rishikesh. - Part II

Posted on: 6, Apr, 2017
This was our last day here, and also the reason for which we actually came, rafting adventure. For me, as usual, started day with Yoga and meditation, followed by breakfast and by around 10 am we all gathered at a place to board our rafts. Read more

Adventure and fun at Rishikesh. - Part I

Posted on: 3, Apr, 2017
Rishikesh is a small town located in the foothills of Himalaya, in northern India, at a height of around 1,745 ft from sea level. It has a great spiritual significance because the holy river Ganges flows through it. This is a place where Ganges can be seen with its pure and crystal clear water. It has also a mythological history behind it. Nowadays, it has become famous as a "Yoga capital of the World.". Read more

Get introduced to self.

Posted on: 15, Mar, 2017
Many a times it feels as if we know ourselves fully well, but certain situations of life compel us to react or behave in a manner which we never expected from self. In all those instances, external situations become the driving force and keep us oblivious of our true nature. Road rage, abusive language, racism, discriminations are such stark realities demonstrating how badly someone can lose control over self. Read more

Is ageing a caging?

Posted on: 18, Dec, 2016
Looking at self and aged people around gives a vivid picture of how with age our muscles lose their strength and power, bones become fragile, skin becomes lose and sagging, weakening of internal organs and several other bodily deficiencies take place. The mental power also gradually declines and gives way to senility. Overall, an individual feels helpless and life loses its sheen. Read more

Do not cry over spilt milk.

Posted on: 17, Oct, 2016
There are times when events, circumstances, relationships, and situations, every possible thing goes against self and life feels completely in chaos making you feel as a looser. Deep down one keeps lamenting loss for years and years. Isn’t this something which sounds familiar as a common experience of life? Read more

Bullying - A haunting fear.

Posted on: 24, June, 2016
Bullying is a common menace at every place these days and is no lesser than an epidemic in our society. It is such a toxic experience for an individual that it spoils the whole personality and leaves a long term scar on a psyche. Unfortunately, it is not restricted to just one particular place rather it happens almost everywhere, whether it is at home, school, office or anywhere where there are human interactions. Especially, when it comes to children, it leaves a deep and negative impact and gives them a lifelong pain. Read more

Life beyond physical. – Simhast Kumbh 2016

Posted on: 16, May, 2016
For a layman, a physical body is an essence of living, in fact, it is absolutely beyond imagination to experience something which cannot be sensed by five sensory faculties of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. But, there are people in this world who have courage to attempt for experiencing something beyond physical. Visiting Kumbh mela would compel any sensible being to think about how this could be possible? Read more

Battle of personalities.

Posted on: 26, Apr, 2016
Have you ever wondered why you always end up having argument with someone at home but have perfectly amicable and jovial relationships at work with others. Why it is so that there are few people who always find you very friendly and open while for some you are just a bundle of nuisance? Why do you feel yourself as entirely different individual at home, work and with friends? Read more

Secrets of health. - Part III

Posted on: 22, Mar, 2016
Since my adulthood I have been a very health conscious person, which means I always paid attention to what and how much I am eating and how healthy I am. For certain numbers of years, during early twenties, my weight was little above from my ideal weight and due to my short stature I used to look heavy and chubby, but with a passage of time I brought it down to my ideal weight. After attaining late thirties and then in forties I have become trebled conscious not just about what I am eating but how much and why that much. Read more

Secrets of health. - Part II

Posted on: 16, Mar, 2016
Ayurveda fundamentally prescribes living with natural rhythms of day and seasons. With every change in a day or in a season, one should modify personal daily routine accordingly. According to Ayurveda, our body is composed of five basic elements of nature- earth(prithvi), water(jal), air(vayu), fire(agni) and sky(akash), in order to maintain homeostasis our body is in constant transaction with these elements present in environment. Imbalance in any of these five elements causes disease in body. Read more

Secrets of health. - Part I

Posted on: 10, Mar, 2016
"Health is wealth." – is this not we all have heard since our childhood? How truly it conveys the power and significance of health in one’s life. Though we all know the significance of health but the ground reality is starkly different. Read more

Touch the invisible dimension. – Meditation - Part III

Posted on: 23, Feb, 2016
The ultimate aim of meditation is to bring absolute stillness in mind and body which means a state of deep restfulness. For people like us, who are busy struggling with everyday life affairs, moments of restfulness are nothing less than nectar for life, but for established Yogis and mystics the ultimate aim is to go into samadhi, which means absolute stillness for longer periods (days, weeks or months), during which they experience their union with ultimate reality of universe. Read more

Touch the invisible dimension. – Meditation - Part II

Posted on: 16, Feb, 2016
Meditation has a wide acceptance across the world, however, its fundamentals are still not well understood by large part of population. So, before learning more about meditation, it is important to understand some basics of meditation. First and foremost, meditation and yoga are not two different systems; meditation is just one part of yoga. If one is pursuing meditation then one is pursuing yoga as well. Read more

Touch the invisible dimension. – Meditation - Part I

Posted on: 12, Feb, 2016
Meditation is a buzz word these days. The very word meditation invokes an image of a mystic in ochre robes, sitting eyes closed in a forest. For many, who are unaware about its fundamentals, it is about seclusion and renunciation. In fact this image has kept many away from giving it a serious attempt. But those who like exploring, it can open a whole new dimension of delving deeper inside to experience life in full throttle. Read more

What matters most?

Posted on: 20, Jan, 2016
Life sometimes feels like a rollercoaster, throwing challenges, problems, and opportunities every moment. Whether at work, at home or being alone, our mind is constantly thinking about one thing or another. It is like, we daily sail through the surface of turbulent tides of our own thoughts. This daily sailing adventure robs us of opportunity to think deeper about what it is that really matters to us and where to put our focus. Read more

The magic of 20 over 80.

Posted on: 15, Dec, 2015
Our common logic says, the more tasks we do it is better. But looking closely, this does not hold true in all situations of life. On giving a deeper thought it would come to light that usually it is the lesser percentage of all actions that we perform on daily basis accounts for larger percentage of effectiveness in life. Read more

Yes or No – What it takes to make powerful decisions?

Posted on: 7, Oct, 2015
Life is all about making decisions, however big or small they may be. Observing little closely, every moment we are taking some or the other decision whether it is about eating food, making relationships or choosing jobs. For every small activity of life we tend to think and decide the best possible action to undertake. Sometimes it happens that we get stuck in our own trap of thinking and find ourselves paralysed with no exit possible, completely clueless and directionless. Read more

10 Life Transforming Inspirational Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi.

Posted on: 2, Oct, 2015
10 Life Transforming Inspirational Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi. Read more

Until it hurts.

Posted on: 18, Sept, 2015
Have you ever felt like postponing something very important in life, simply for the reason that it demands more efforts or might disturb your current setup or it might stain your social image? Do you feel that sometimes you think too much before making bold or tiny changes in life? Read more

Focus is power.

Posted on: 6, Sept, 2015
How is it, that placing a focusing-lens on a piece of paper for few minutes and it starts smoldering at one point? Is it a magic of lens or a magic of sun rays. Why is it that power glasses make you sees things clearly? Is it a magic of eye or a magic of power glasses? In both the events, it is a harmony of two objects which could produce the required result - the right focus of energy. Read more

Are you a consumer or a contributor?

Posted on: 14, Aug, 2015
In our day to day life, for majority of our needs we are dependent on others. For most of us, the meaning of consumption gets translated as wearable or eatables. Just by giving a deeper thought on the pattern of consumption, it can open altogether a new horizon of thinking. Read more

In the lap of nature. – Part II – Mesmerizing Leh-Ladhak.

Posted on: 5, Aug, 2015
This is in continuation to, In the lap of nature. – Part I – Paradise on Earth, Kashmir, which was about journey of Srinagar and nearby towns. Our second half of journey was to explore Leh and Ladakh region to the highest possible point. Read more

In the lap of nature. – Part I – Paradise on Earth, Kashmir

Posted on: 5, Aug, 2015
The grandeur of Himalayas is something to bow down to – with Mount Everest, earth’s highest (8,848 meters) mountain in its lap and being a source of 5 rivers, it has its own magnanimity and magnificence. Being a youngest mountain range in the world it is still growing and expanding gradually to attain full youth. For India, it is like a soldier standing on the northern boundaries, dividing India from China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bhutan and Nepal. Read more

Is honesty the best policy?

Posted on: 2, June, 2015
Do you believe - it is ok to be dishonest sometimes if situation demands? Well, it could be a very tricky question to answer. Its answer depends on what kind of life you have lived, how strongly you have lived and how particular you are about personal values. Read more

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