You are a CEO of your life.

27, Dec, 2012, by Seema Bhatnagar

Growth - The ultimate objective

“What is the most rigorous law of our being? Growth. No smallest atom of our moral, mental, or physical structure can stand still a year. It grows / it must grow; nothing can prevent it.” ~ Mark Twain

Growth is an ultimate objective of human life, every day and every moment nature wants us to grow in every possible way. Life throws us challenges to experience growth. Not just for life, be it work, business or a company the ultimate objective is - the Growth.

The best companies of the world persistently focus on growth, not just in terms of profits but also in terms of people working therein. It is not a surprise that best companies are also those ones which are managed by the best CEOs. For CEO, the sole responsibility and prime focus is, the growth of an organization from year to year.

You are a CEO of your life.

Managing all aspects of life in the most efficient way to bring maximum happiness and prosperity is the prime objective for each one of us. Inadvertently, we all are striving to attain growth in one way or another, so, we all are CEO of our life. So, it becomes utmost important to think like a CEO if you are leading your own life. Being a CEO, it becomes an implicit responsibility for each of us to bring personal growth for all aspects of life and this could only be possible if you have a vision about your life. A vision to reach somewhere, to achieve something, to experience something in this life.
Every successful company has a vision, a vision to reach from one point of growth to another in next 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years and so on. Similarly, it is extremely important for an individual, being a CEO of life, to envision the future and align actions around that. In the midst of uncertainty of events in life, it might sound weird or tough but the fact is that vision plays an important role in driving self in a particular direction. Being a CEO you must persistently put in efforts to ensure that your life is growing as per the vision you have about yourself and you have the right strategy in placed to move in the direction of your vision. With a hazy vision or a lack of it, many people simply stumble and life becomes a continuous struggle for them.

No matter at what age you are, your economic status your physical challenges, nothing should stop you from thinking that you are a CEO of your life and you must take your life to the highest possible growth to live the best of personal potential.

Nobody else should decide for you, but you, you have all the powers to take decision and actions regarding your life and you must strive for taking your life to highest possible growth.

A Vision for life

vision and action quote Japanese proverb

If vision is such an essential driver of life then what exactly it is and how one should think about it. In an individual's life, vision is all about thinking of overall growth in relationships, jobs, business, health, and wealth etc., in other words a complete mapping of wheel of life over the period of time.

From year on year, what do you want to achieve, what do you want to achieve in next five years, where do you want to see yourself reaching in next 10 years, how do you want your life in 15 years.
There is no point in cursing God for not giving you what you desired or something what you wanted to have in life. The most important question to ask yourself is how much and how strongly you desired and what all efforts you made to achieve that.

If you are in business, how do you see your company performing in next in 1 year, 5 years or what product you must specialize in, how many employees you will have and how your company would be perceived by your customers, if you are in a job what position or role you want to hold in next 1 year and 5 years.

If you are a student, which course/degree you want to pursue in next 1 year, 5 years etc., what type of job you want to join after completing your course and what exactly you want to achieve once you get into job .

Would be better if you can think beyond 5 years, think about your life, how it should be after 10 years, 15 years and 20 years. How as an individual you want to grow in life, ignoring all the hurdles and blocks for a moment. Try to have the grandest vision about yourself, for example, I want to experience highest possible level of inner peace and harmony or I want to see myself serving people for alleviation of poverty, it can be anything, which makes you feel good and enthusiastic from inside. Once the vision is clear, rest of the required drivers become available on their own. The drivers here means the goals, (short term, long term), the discipline required to achieve them.

Many people are scared of failure, their most prominent thought is "what if I cannot achieve what I envisioned" and because of that fear they never dare to envision anything in life and simply accept what life offers. Failure is a part of growth, with every failure, you are one step closer to what you wanted to achieve. In fact, failure is a kind of fuel that keeps you energized in reaching your destination. If you have a vision, sooner or later, you would attain what you desired and you would really relish it more seeing your desires getting manifested. In absence of vision, everything happens just by chance and most of the times you would celebrate your luck than your efforts.

Best CEO

Though it is a not a competition to win the title for the best CEO but let's explore some of the characteristics of the best CEOs of life.
A person having a vision about self and who takes responsible actions and decisions towards self and others. A person who is continuously thinking of possible growth opportunities in personal life, an avid learner and a risk taker.
It might be a very crisp and concise definition, but it perfectly fits to the title, CEO of life.

My Personal Experience

Yes, I strongly believe that I am a CEO of my life and with that thought I constantly aspire for growth in every possible way.

Since my childhood, I had a vision that I wanted to be a Doctor, a neuro surgeon, and by becoming that I would help people in getting rid of their problems they are struggling with. But, due to my less than required focus and concentration I could not clear the competitive exams and had to accept the failure. This failure did not deter me from thinking further and I moved on taking other path and redefined vision for myself. Vision is not like once defined gets casted in the stone; it is all about bringing inner growth and development, does not matter what route you follow.

When it is a question of life, to me growth doesn't mean only in terms of money, growth means the maturity level I have achieved, how ably I can handle people, how I manage my anger, how comfortably I connect with others and how I handle my grudges? The most important aspect to me is how happy and peaceful I feel on day to day basis.

I have no end point for my growth; simply, it has to be more than yesterday. I am not in any competition of any sort with others except with myself, it might sound a narrow thinking but this is what gives me inner peace. I persistently live with thoughts of how to challenge my own beliefs, how to experience more satisfaction and inner peace and happiness on everyday basis. With lots of experiments and invariable failures in life, I could reach to a point where I could feel myself capable of defining grandest vision about myself. My grandest vision about myself is to help others in experiencing the best in themselves and to live the best of my own potential. With this vision in mind, almost all my actions and thoughts are aligned to it. This has helped me a lot in filtering out the unnecessary thoughts, actions and habits which ultimately has given way to focus and precision in life and this gives me a constant assurance that I am living my vision every day.

It is only YOU

It is only you who can define your life and achieve what you want from life, no amount of prayer or worship can help you until and unless you have a vision for yourself and a willingness to take some action towards that. It is never too late to change your life and to experience the best in you; it is only your willingness and action, which is needed. It is never too late to take action in life and remember "no action means no result".

Have a grandest vision of life and let yourself breathe it day and night to experience the best of yourself.

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