Focus is power.

6 Sept, 2015, by Seema Bhatnagar

How is it, that placing a focusing-lens on a piece of paper for few minutes and it starts smouldering at one point? Is it a magic of lens or a magic of sun rays. Why is it that power glasses make you sees things clearly? Is it a magic of eye or a magic of power glasses? In both the events, it is a harmony of two objects which could produce the required result - the right focus of energy.

While focusing for a close-ups with DSLR camera, only the object to be focused comes with sharp boundaries while rest all surrounding objects get blurred. The output is - a perfect shot of the object in focus, with clear boundaries and proportion.

Another instance is, while exercising eyes by focusing on a single point for few minutes, only the main object remains in focus rest all other surrounding objects get blurred. The output is eye muscles get strengthened and give sharp vision.

My diary and anti-glare glasses.

The importance of focus cannot be denied in daily life, until focus is given to tasks and matters, they are left in a state of limbo.

Taking the same perspective of looking at things in life can literally change your horizon of thinking. Many of your life goals, personal mindsets go blur with passage of time without anything particular in focus and you find life meaningless and directionless.

Probably, you are doing many things at one point of time that keeps you fully occupied and makes you feel as if you are putting in lot of efforts to progress in life but what is missing is a clear focus on some particular goals, actions and tasks which actually matters to you and can promise significant personal growth.

The daily grind of activities of rushing to job, work, taking care of kids, completing tasks on time simply snatch away opportunity from you to be focused on potential goals of life which would significantly change your life in next 3 years, 5 years or 10 years from now. Staying in this unfocused state for too long makes you feel as if life is meaningless and juiceless. No wonder, if you look at things without wearing power glasses everything looks blurred and meaningless, sometimes it even gives headache.

Lacking a clear focus dissipates energy - it is also a law of universe. The moment you bring focus, everything just enlivens. Be it goals of studies, health, career, what is needed is, single-minded focus, concentrating all your energies into that.

Reason for unfocused state of mind.

The fundamental reason for this is there is no clarity and understanding about the value and worth of personal goals. There is a clear lack of understanding about how the quality of life can be changed by pursuing so and so goal with clear focus. If one has that clarity and understanding the required focus naturally happens.

Another reason is, each one of us wants to plays safe and ensure self-protection in all aspects of life. Somewhere, we fail to develop enough courage to face the consequences of our focused actions and instead we prefer to keep ourselves protected from all possible dangers or disasters and pursue many activities at one time. In a nutshell, we want to play safe.

Combination of these two reasons, doesnt allow us to be in focus and control of actions and thoughts in life. Even on knowing about this confused state of mind, it is difficult to come out of it.

What is needed?

Developing a clear focus on life matters brings a new gush of energy and enthusiasm in individual. To bring more focus and orientation you need to have a clearly defined goals and their importance in life. Not everything can be important in life, there has to be clearly defined importance and priority.

Lets say, you want to have kids and at the same time want to focus on careers also. The usual approach to pursue this is, to put kids in crches and play schools. In this situation, either kids suffer for lack of attention or your career suffers due to lack of required commitment.

If career is important then better not to plan kids and simply focus on your career or if kids are important than put your career on a backburner and give your 100% to kids. I have seen how working parents are juggling with this predicament throughout their career. In majority cases, the output is just average on both the fronts i.e. kids and career. It is simply for the reason that a clear focus and priority are missing and there is a high degree of dissipation of energy.

If you want to enjoy health then instead of spending more time in having unhealthy food and pleasurable activities better focus on the quality of food and fitness regime.

If you want to earn money then instead of trying out several means better to focus on developing one single skill.

Whatever aspect of life you want to improve, it must be in your focus and you should give 200% of your energy to it.

Nothing has ever been achieved without a clear focus in life. Focus is a power in itself, with it, you can create the best out of yourself and can live a great life. A well defined focus in any matter is capable of igniting fire of certain intensity in your endeavors and this is what is needed to keep you motivated on your path of success.

Shot clicked by me at Pangong lake. Ladakh

Another advantage of remaining focused is, it enhances personal creativity, because in a focused state of mind, it doesnt have to struggle or juggle with unnecessary thoughts and it can deliver the best it has to offer.

Focus is power.

There is a very interesting and popular story from great Indian epic, Mahabharata, which emphasizes the significance of focus.

The responsibility of teaching art of archery and imparting knowledge of scriptures to all Kauravas and Pandavas brothers was given to Drona, a military expert, well versed in knowledge of Vedas. He was appointed as a royal guru or acaharya to all princes. For testing concentration of his pupils, once he thought of organizing a competition.

To conduct a test, he set up a wooden bird on a tree. He explained to all his pupils that there is a bird perching on a bough and you are required to hit in the eye of a bird. If I ask you to shoot, only then you would shoot your arrow. Considering this test as a simple one, all pupil felt confident about their skills.

Teacher started calling pupils one by one. The first one to be called was Duryodhana. Teacher asked him, what all he can see on the tree. He explained in a confident voice, I am able to see the bird which I have to hit, plus I can also see other birds clearly on the same tree. I can also see birds on the nearby trees and all my brothers assembled here. On hearing this, teacher asked him to go back and take his seat.

Continuing further, he called other princes, everyone answered more or less same to what Duryodhana answered. Then he called his favorite pupil, Arjuna, and asked him the same question, What all you can see on the tree?. Arjuna replied, I can see only the eye of a bird, there is nothing else in my view. Teacher once again tried to confuse him and asked him, cant you see any other bird on the nearby trees or on the same tree, Arjuna replied with a confidence, No, I can see only the eye of a bird. On hearing this, Guru asked him to shoot his arrow, in a moment, arrow hit just in the eye of a bird with head and body just intact.

Guru Drona announced Arjuna as the winner of the competition and explained that it was the test of your concentration and not the archery skills. I wanted to see how focused you are on your aims and targets. Unlike rest of you, Arjuna was completely focused on the target and he could see only that, while others were not exactly focused on the target. Hitting straight in the target had been possible only because there was the right amount of concentration. Understand the fact, that focus is a power and anything can be achieved with this power. Focus can be achieved only when you have a healthy body and healthy mind. A healthy mind is the one, which is steady and does not waiver from the decided course of actions and thoughts.

Moral of the story: Focus is power. Anything can be achieved in life with this power.

Amazing, isnt it? This level of focus sounds unbelievable for us. In the entangled state of affairs in life, how many of us experience such a high level of concentration and focus in our goals, tasks and actions. With flood of distractions around us, majority tasks are done without much of attention and care. In the race of doing more we forget to pay attention to what is in hand and how diligently it should be done. The fact is, somewhere deep down, each one wants to do with utmost diligence but due to lack of proper practice of focusing mind the desired results are not achieved.

Me, trying archery at Hall of fame, Leh. Visited in June 2015.
Me, trying archery at Hall of fame, Leh. Realized the power of focus when I lifted bow and arrow.

Check dissipations.

For developing focus in life, check dissipations points in your goals. You might already be pursuing goals in life but due to lack of enthusiasm and change in priority, those goals might have lost their lustre by now but still keeping you occupied somehow. It might give you a feeling of being in focus but since you are no more enthusiastic about it so it is more of dissipation than a focus. Just throw away such meaningless goals and focus on goals which aligns well with your current state of affairs.

Give an honest insight and see how enthusiastic you feel about achieving your chosen goals. If they fail to excite you it means you need to redefine them. You cannot focus and commit yourself until you really believe in what you want to achieve.

Develop courage if you want to live with focus because to be in focus means you will have to compromise on certain things which are obstacles in arriving at clear focus and at the same time you need to be highly disciplined to keep yourself aware of your focused state.

Personally, whenever I have focused on any given aspect of life, I have achieved great results, that too beyond my expectations. This could be possible only when I really understood the value of achieving a particular goal and gave honest and bold insight about my dissipation points. As a result, I threw away all those goals which I developed as fallback or safety and focused with all my energy to narrowed down significant goals and achieved amazing results. Unfortunately, I have learnt this art of being in focus very late in life and missed many opportunities where I could achieve incredible results. But, it is really never too late to start and learn anything new in life.I feel glad that now I have developed this power to a great extent and it has profoundly transformed my life.

On a first look, it sounds wise to have fallback goals, but somewhere it takes away the opportunity of being two hundred percent with your most important goals. You might consider it as a part of main goal but somewhere in your conscious you take a liberty to go easy on your main goal. Having a fallback or not, it entirely depends upon how much focus you want to develop on a particular goal and how much courage you have to face the consequences of not achieving the main goal.

Be in power.

When you are blessed with such a miraculous power then why to settle down with a frustrating and suffocating life. Using this power you can amaze yourself about your own capability and strengths. Take control of your life and just throw away those meaningless activities and thoughts and develop this power in you to experience a new high in personal growth.

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