Touch the invisible dimension. – Meditation - Part III

23, Feb, 2016, by Seema Bhatnagar

This post is in continuation to part I and part II. It is highly recommended to read last two parts in order to enjoy this one.

The ultimate aim of Meditation.

The ultimate aim of meditation is to bring absolute stillness in mind and body which means a state of deep restfulness. For people like us, who are busy struggling with everyday life affairs, moments of restfulness are nothing less than nectar for life, but for established Yogis and mystics the ultimate aim is to go into samadhi, which means absolute stillness for longer periods (days, weeks or months), during which they experience their union with ultimate reality of universe.

“In deep meditation the flow of concentration is continuous like the flow of oil.” ~ Patanjali

You might not be aiming for an ultimate aim of meditation, but I feel, living with a restful mind and body is our primary responsibility towards self. If you really want to gift something life-transforming to yourself then get started on path of meditation. This will be a great gift not only for you but for all those who would come in contact with you. It is such a fragrance that would reach in all directions wherever you would go.

My personal experience.

Since the age of some twenty five or so, I found myself attracted to meditation. Completely ignorant about its benefits I just wanted to explore it to know more about it, what it means and what is there to experience in it. My curiosity to experience something mystical made me to explore different methods and techniques; few are what I mentioned under “Techniques and methods of Meditation.” in part II.

I remember, some decade ago, I took initiation from one Guru for transcendental meditation and practised it for some time. I found it peaceful for the duration for which I practised otherwise I was same with my usual sharp edges and attitude. Not blaming the method, it was my own limitations because of which I could not practice it for longer period with required focus and attention. With my busy corporate life and irregular schedule packed with barrage of other activities I could not give required time to it, so could not experience much from it.

Since I always wanted to inculcate the best qualities in me, of which meditation was one of them, so I kept on exploring other methods and techniques of meditation to experience something higher rather than just settling for few peaceful moments.

My exploration accompanied with scepticism continued until I landed up to my Guru who initiated me at the time when I was ready to immerse myself in deep experience. It happened in 2013 when I got formally initiated in meditation by my Guru. Since then I have been practising meditation daily without a fail. Read my full story of how I started my spiritual journey with Isha Foundations here, A Journey, inwards.

"Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine." ~Buddha

After practising meditation for last three years (without a single day gap), now I know, what it means giving a serious attempt to learn meditation and what are its benefits and miracles. Of course, nothing is possible without the benevolence and grace of Guru, but that is possible only; if one is ready to dedicated self with efforts in order to experience something.

With constant practice, my mind is not rushing towards external stimuli, there is a clear stability in thoughts, and very few incidents of reacting to situations, personal calmness and joyfulness in nature are significant changes which I can experience myself.

With constant practice, now meditation has become an integral part of my life, I just cannot imagine starting my day without its practice. This doesn’t mean that I have become rigid about my routine. In fact, I am absolutely flexible in my routine to accommodate any travelling or other unexpected activity, but on a usual day, unless I do my practice I don’t eat anything and I do it as early as possible in the morning.

Meditating at Sonamarg, Jammu and Kashmir while travelling towards Leh.
Meditating at Sonamarg, Jammu and Kashmir, while travelling towards Leh.

To speak of travelling, few of my trips allowed me to experience meditating at diverse places, like, mountains, lakes, temples and crowded places. Each experience helped me to realize about the power of each place. Read travel section of blog to know more about it.

What you can do and what you cannot do outside is always a question of capability. But when it comes to the inside it is just a question of willingness. ~ Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

My own perspective of meditation is – it is a pure science. With my own research and experience on this topic has led me to believe that it is a pure science. If applied with right methods and techniques it can yield amazing results. It has a potential to change any individual by 360 degree.

If you feel that you are ready to give it a shot and motivated enough to make meditation as a part of life then my honest advice would be - instead of learning it from some tutorials from YouTube, book or some of your friends, find some enlightened Guru who can give you right technique of meditation.

Well, there is no certification available to mark any Guru as enlightened, choose the one with whom you feel your thoughts are aligning and you can trust for what he is offering. If possible meet other followers and talk to them about their own experiences, it might be of some help in choosing the right Guru. In my case, I had my friend who was following prescribed meditation religiously which gave me trust to follow him.

There are many spiritual shops and groups available online as well as offline, claiming to change your life through meditation. Please beware of all these claims. Before you feel tempted to join any such place, give a closer look to the experience and association of that group or individual. It must be headed by somebody who is enlightened. Do not go by the frills and fancies offered, do your thorough enquiry before you give yourself to somebody.

With lots of fears attached and social conditioning of staying away from spirituality, many people shy away from giving it a serious attempt. Also, people are unable to decide who could be the right Guru for them. This is a common dilemma everybody faces in the beginning, I too faced the same. But overcoming these roadblocks can open a whole new possibility of touching the invisible dimension.

The fundamental truth is, your genuine willingness and authentic desire to pursue meditation are the only ways for taking you closer to your real Guru. I sincerely wish, reading this post may takes you closer to your real Guru, so that you can get started on your most important journey of life of knowing your true self.

Need of the moment.

The reported figures of suicides, cancer, depression, murders, crime are soaring with every day. The fundamental reason behind this is a disturbed and uncontrolled mind looking ways to express itself. With disturbed mind, crime becomes a natural outcome or expression. A fear of being robbed off, bullied on streets is constantly lurking in our mind. This is so because we know that people with disturbed minds can go to any height and this has become a social acceptance nowadays, and this is really worrisome. Instead of taking some concrete steps towards it we are slowly accepting it as a part of life and eventually making our society more dangerous for our next generations.

Don’t you think we should do something in our own capacity to bring an end to emotional calamity in this world? The only way I can think of is to become meditative in life and spread this knowledge and awareness to people around us, would be even more effective if you can introduce your children to meditation right early in life so this problem can be nipped in the bud itself.

If you are inspired and motivated enough, I am sure you can change the world around you. Yes, this is indeed possible but the only prerequisite is - the change which you want to see in the world must start with you (as suggested by Mahatma Gandhi). So first, you must get started on your path of meditation to make this world meditative enough where every individual is living harmoniously and striving to live with the best of personal potential.

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