Do you know the root cause?

10, Oct, 2014, by Seema Bhatnagar

weeds in the garden

On everyday basis we find ourselves struggling, resolving or suffering with one problem or another. Out of this whole bunch of problems there are few which seems eternal and impossible to be resolved in this life time. Even on trying hard, certain problems in life simply persists and sucks life out of us. They are like weeds in the lush green garden. Even when you run mower on them they return with same vigor. Until you uproot them fully, no respite from them.

Some tricky problems of life which never seem to go away have always some reason or root cause behind them which remains hidden from our intellect or probably we never bother to dig into much. Looking closely to such problems, there would always be a reason, but, going by the emotional damage done by them we remain busy in cursing the situation and forget to address the underneath hidden reason.

Reaching to a root cause of a problem is not easy and that is a reason why majority people suffer throughout their life. Emotional eating, lack of interest in studies, lack of interest in jobs are some classic scenarios for which people fail to address the root cause and suffer like a victim.

The power of WHY?

It is normal to find people around us cribbing about not able to lose extra kgs, having problems with spouse or boss at work, not able to give personal best, not able to stop smoking or drinking etc. etc.. They find it just impossible to cope up with these expanding problems in life and curse destiny for dumping them in this mess. The fundamental reason behind this cribbing is that nobody wants to spend time and efforts in thinking deeply about the problem. Since people are so busy in juggling with problems, they think, there is no solution to a problem or it might involve some discomfort, so better not address it and let's continue with what it is. Instead of addressing the "Why" of a problem, living with it and adjusting to it sounds better and more comfortable.

"Why", if used effectively, is a very powerful tool because it triggers thoughts and pulls an individual from an established and adapted mindset and pushes one out of comfort zone. For example, you feel discouraged in life because you feel that nobody encouraged you in your childhood and that is a reason why you are not able to face situations confidently. This is not a truth, if you delve deep and ask why it is so you would get a different answer. Essentially, it is a lack of skills, enthusiasm and knowledge that snatches away your confidence than anything else.

In another scenario, for weight problems, it is not just the wrong eating habits but stress and anxiety also plays an equal role to intensify the problem. Instead of addressing the root cause people try to change the habits which is a short term solution for temporary relief.

Finding a root cause is not something limited to life, in fact, it is a very popular technique across all industrial domains. For every fault or error in systems, machines or production line it is mandatory to conduct a root cause analysis. Only on getting a detailed report, the error or fault gets fixed and after that system works with a desired productivity. The same method can be applied to personal life as well to live a more productive and happy life.

Knowing the root cause gives you a power to overcome that particular problem in the right and effective manner. To reach the root cause of a problem one should dive deep and introspect about the real cause of a problem because on surface the problem looks something else but sub-consciously the problem is somewhere else. The real reason is somewhere embedded deep in our sub-conscious mind. Sometimes the reason is so weird that it is impossible to believe that it could be real root cause of the problem. Asking "why" will take you exactly to that root cause of the problem.

My personal experience

Personally, it is my strong habit of asking "WHY" for issues which bothers me and I apply the same knowledge with my clients also, I push them hard to think and think.

For problems which trouble me, I immerse myself in thinking hard by asking WHY for every answer comes to me and drill it down to any level to reach the real root cause of the problem. Reaching to the root cause is a AHA moment and you would simply agree to a reason the moment it appears in your thoughts.

Earlier, I used to create lot of confusion and mess with my studies and work. Every time I used to curse my destiny. Moreover, when I used to see my friends, peers who could handle things better than me, I used to feel jealous of them and had more reasons to curse my destiny. On a surface level, I thought that due to overload of work I am facing this problem and used to pacify myself by thinking that many others are also facing the same so it is alright and normal to live with this. But on gaining more experience and thinking hard about this problem, I realized that I was seriously lacking personal planning and organizing skills which actually created this problem. It was like a AHA moment of realization. Since then it was never looking back, and I have improved my productivity to a great extent that I could never imagine before. It was only due to my strong urge of finding the real root cause of a problem that I could get rid of mess and chaos in life.

Knowing a root cause gives you an inner peace, even if you know there is no solution right away. This is because in times of failure you can easily prepare yourself to face the consequences.

Knowing a root cause enhances your conscious level also, as you look at different aspects of life and try to connect these to find the solutions, which otherwise you will not do.

Get started.

There is nothing in this world which has no solution, every problem has a solution, if not perfect or as per personal desire, but there is always a one waiting to be approached.

Developing this habit of asking "WHY" not only helps you in resolving big problems of life but it also helps in resolving tiny everyday problems, because once you are into this habit, there is a constant itch to experience that AHA moment. As a side effect, it will also enhance your creativity which will be reflected in every task undertaken by you.

When humans are blessed with the highest level of consciousness - a power to think clearly and logically, which is absent in animals, it will be really unfortunate if this power remains unused and we simply struggle in life with problems which can be easily resolved by applying this powerful tool of nature.

Stop living life of a victim and take up all problems of your life one by one and apply the power of "WHY" to reach the root cause. Don't stop until you experience that "AHA" moment. Once you get the knowledge of root cause, you will live a more powerful life with a courage to face consequences with confidence and poise.

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