Are you living or sleepwalking?

27, May, 2014, by Seema Bhatnagar

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SleepwalkingHow interesting this word sounds? Actually, it makes one to think if this is really possible in a real world or just a word. To your surprise this word has a stark reality behind it. Interestingly, majority of people are actually sleepwalking day and night. Sleepwalking people looks absolutely normal, in fact sometimes they can make you feel inferior. Interestingly, you can find them playing leadership roles, highly placed and enjoying name and fame in society. They are just everywhere, turn your head around and you will find that almost everyone belongs to that category.

Sleepwalking is not about somebody is physically walking while asleep, rather it is a situation when one is physically conscious but still not living consciously by making informed and thoughtful choices in life. This is a reason why there might be even highly productive or star performers are sleepwalking.

Following are some characteristics of sleepwalking people:

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  1. Lacking motivation
  2. They lack true motivation in life and mostly driven by the fact that they have to do something to keep themselves going in life, basically to survive or to maintain social image. They may experience intermittent spurts in motivation but in real they do not find themselves connected to what they are doing.

  3. Lacking purpose in life
  4. Have no clear idea about personal strengths and weaknesses and lack clear purpose of life. Due to this they are not able to clearly identify if what they are doing clearly aligns with their true self.

    With the gift of highly developed consciousness from nature, living consciously should be our first nature. The habit of staying in comfort zone is a fundamental killer of living consciously. It makes you fearful and kills your capacity to stretch beyond your capacities.

  5. Lacking enthusiasm
  6. They find themselves quite passive in life and it is hard for them to feel any enthusiasm for any activity. They might feel enthusiastic at times but that enthusiasm will soon evaporate. This is for a simple reason that there is a fundamental disconnect between personal interests, likes, dislikes and what they are doing.

  7. Lacking confidence
  8. Due to lack of knowledge and courage to live with personal likes, dislikes and interests, they find themselves struggling hard in making every little choice in life and experience lack in confidence. They might have good knowledge over subjects but to due to lack of real connection between knowledge and interest they experience lack of confidence.

  9. Lacking personal values
  10. They also lack in having personal values and embrace everything even if it is something unfair or gives pain or hurt. They accept not because they are submissive personality but due to lack of courage of addressing the point.

  11. Emotionally weak
  12. Due to personal ego and lack of confidence in self, they are emotionally weak and find it challenging to connect with others. They are also energy vampires and make other feel negative in their presence.

Sleepwalking is basically about fundamental disconnect between personal capacities and what one is doing in life. People spend whole lifetime in sleepwalking and remain ignorant of this state and do not find themselves courageous enough to put in enough hard work to come out of it.

Interestingly, nature has given the highest developed conscious level to humans but unfortunately we use it only in eating, sleeping and reproducing, probably a bit a more than an animal.What makes people to sleepwalk? It is simply that people are compelled by their old and hard habits, age old mindsets and inherent fear of trying something new. They find it utterly difficult to offload this old baggage of habits and waste their whole life in sleepwalking.

My Personal Experience

I too experienced what it actually means sleepwalking. Especially, my studies during graduation. Somehow I lost my interest in the course, Botany, which I was pursuing during graduation. I was more interested in doing medical but I was crazy enough to waste my time by not studying for either Botany or preparing for medical entrance examination. I didn't know how I cleared my graduation exams with that lost and confused state of mind. Of course, not surprisingly I spoiled by grades in graduation. I wanted to study but somewhere I felt myself completely helpless and disconnected with what I was doing. Even after that I didn't know where I was going and things just kept happening at rocket speed. I really felt I had no control over things and simply went riding over demands of time.

After completing graduation, I pursued advance diploma in computer science. But that too I did because I wanted to do something professional. Then again I felt the need of upgrading myself professionally and pursued advance certification in ecommerce.

I switched over jobs thrice, and it was usual for me to crib about my project allocations during job. It was all because I never connected to my life purpose and somewhere I felt as if whatever I am doing is only because I have to earn money there was no bonding with work. On certain occasions I did my jobs very well and sometimes not good as well, but mostly I was good, but again there was something missing, I never felt that deep connection with my work. Always felt as if work is a hindrance to something I really wanted to do but the reality was, I didn't know what I wanted to do as I didn't have clear idea about my purpose of life and did everything because I had to survive somehow to maintain social image. Overall, I was riding high on career success and did many things sometimes incredible also, but that depth of joy from work, sense of personal freedom and connection with others was missing. I used to feel as if I am trapped in a golden cage. There was no other way visible to get out of this suffocating situation.

It was only when I reached the threshold level of negativity at workplace with my colleagues and seniors, I decided to leave my job. At that time I had no idea that I will be becoming a life coach but my decision was final of not taking negativity further and I will not join any job but will do something of my own (God knows what.). With day and night of brainstorming on my purpose, it slowly dawned upon me that Life coaching is actually the path through which I can really fulfill my purpose of living the best of my personal potential. After starting in my new career, whatever I did, I felt connected to it, never felt tired and always felt energetic to write something on personal growth.

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After becoming established as Life Coach for personal growth I realized that I was sleepwalking. It was only then, I realized the power of goal making, persistence, hard work, habit forming and what it means making choices, making hard decisions and above all what it really means enjoying work.

Live Consciously

With the gift of highly developed consciousness from nature, living consciously should be our first nature. The habit of staying in comfort zone is a fundamental killer of living consciously. It makes you fearful and kills your capacity to stretch beyond your capacities. Not living consciously is sleepwalking, it constantly saps your energy and leaves you drained and make you feel totally disconnected with self. You may achieve name, fame, money, position but somewhere inside it feels hollowness and disconnection with self.

Stop sleepwalking and break your barriers of comfort zone and make conscious goals in life to live the best of personal potential. Even a small change in habit of eating or talking or sleeping can make potential difference in overall goodness in life. You must use your inner treasure to enjoy life to fullest.

Living consciously is the only way to feel connected to self and to live the best of personal potential.

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Seema Bhatnagar
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