World Earth Day - April 22

21, April, 2017, by Seema Bhatnagar

April 22 is celebrated as a World Earth Day, for spreading awareness about fast depleting resources and a sad state of Mother Earth.

Picture perfect Pangong Tso.
Picture perfect Pangong Tso.

Mother Earth, with her gushing rivers, hues of greens on mountains, symphony of waterfalls unrelentingly creates picturesque and breathtaking landscapes for us to enjoy. The fruits, vegetables, grains, water everything what we need to sustain life is made available by our real mother, the Mother Earth.

Gradually, we humans have turned devils to deface our beautiful sojourn that nourished us since our birth. It is extremely unfortunate that despite being educated and knowing its importance to our life, we are still driven by sheer ignorance and insensitivity when it comes to our connection with Mother Earth.

Snow peaks in brown dessert.
Snow peaks in brown dessert.

Mindless acts

What happened to us that we turned into devils?

Our greed to have more comfort and convenience at our disposal has taken a toll on Mother Earth.

Right from childhood we all nurture an aspiration to own a big house, a big car and all possible luxuries and lavishness in life. In an urge to pursue personal aspirations, we buy things which we really don't need, eat food when really not hungry, buy things but don't make the best use of it.

Zo Jila Pass.
Zo Jila Pass.

The hard reality is that most of the items that we buy are forgotten over time. With time it reaches to the farthest corner of the house and vanishes from our view. Not just clothes or food items, it is even true for costly gadgets. There are people who would buy smartest phone available in the market but not smart enough to understand the full capabilities that it provides. According to one study, most people make use of only 10% of the available options on their phone.

Who would say, it is an intelligent way of living? Doesnt it feel crazy that we forget what we accumulate over time?

Why more?

Kargil peaks in Drass sector.
Kargil peaks in Drass sector.

What is that urge that drives people to behave crazy for accumulating more and more?

The first and foremost reason is - we humans are fundamentally driven by our impulsive behavior and a deep rooted insecurity about survival. This primitive instinct still drives us to live in a fear that resources might get over and I may be left behind to die of scarcity, so grab most of what is available.

Second fundamental reason is, for creating impact or influence on others to feel superior and to show off power of money over others. This thought is so subtle that it remains undetected in our behaviour.

With ever growing population sustaining on limited resources has started causing disturbance in ecological balance, consequently, it is becoming burdensome to sustain the current style of living on this planet.

Brown dessert, on the way between Kargil and Leh.
Brown dessert, on the way between Kargil and Leh.

Hindu perspective

The earth laughs in flowers.~Ralph Waldo Emerson
"The earth laughs in flowers." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

In Hindu culture of living, Mother Earth is known as bhoomi or prithivi and is revered as a deity, Mother Goddess. In Atharva Veda, Bhoomi Sukta are extolling verses on the importance and value of Mother Earth.

In one of the verses (6.1) it is said, Mother Earth is all-bearing (Vishwambhara), producer of all wealth (Vasudha), foundation on which we live (pratishtha), of Golden Bossom (Hiranyavaksha) and the dwelling place of the World.

According to Hindu traditions, whenever a new construction of house or any building starts a ritual, "bhoomi poojan", is performed to invoke blessings of Mother Earth. It is to pay reverence out of sheer sensitivity that Mother Earth would be bearing the load of a structure and in that whole process we will be causing immense pain to her by digging it, killing infinite worms, uprooting several plants and trees.

In Ayurveda, Earth is one of the fundamental 5 great elements, (panch mahabhuta) out of which the human body is composed of. Earth constitutes the 12 percent of human body, which is the physical or the solid matter present in body.

From all possible dimensions, the underlying message is Mother Earth is our basis of existence and we must keep it in best shape rather than abusing it in million different ways.

How can you contribute?

Lider river, rock dancing.
Lider river, rock dancing.

Just imagine how Mother Earth would look like without rivers, mountains, trees, waterfalls, animals. Each one of these is like a jewel to the bewitching beauty of Mother Earth.

If we really love the bounty of it, we must rise to the cause and do whatever is possible in our capacity to stop the devastation.

Definitely and undoubtedly each one of us can contribute towards it. Do not ever underestimate your own role in making a big difference, remember, it is only drops that make ocean.

What we need is a simple and mindful living on this planet. We must reduce, recycle and share our daily resources, be it water, clothing, shelter or food.

If you pay little attention to your daily consumption of water, electricity, clothes etc. and sincerely try to reduce it, it can bring lot of difference in overall state of affairs.

On a very rough estimate let's understand the water consumption in a city - it is needed for washing car, watering plants in garden, washing dishes, washing clothes in machine, bathing and toilet needs. Combining all these, it comes out 80 -100 gallons of water per person per day consumption. We are fortunate enough that we can still afford to conduct these activities on daily basis, that day is not too far when we will have to reduces these to twice or thrice in a week. Just imagine how life would be.

Why not take some proactive steps and do whatever is possible. You may take first step towards it by simplifying your life.

Read full post on simplifying your life, here is an excerpt:

Simplicity is the source of positive energy in your life. Living with simplicity is another way of enhancing will power, which in itself is a guiding force in the most difficult moments of life. If you are a parent and follow simplicity, it would help your children to adopt simplicity in life with less fear and they can live more powerfully right from their childhood.

Read full post on how you can reduce your consumption, here is an excerpt:

  • Do not throw any waste in rivers or lakes.
  • Segregate your waste in different bins at home.

Another highly effective and significant step you may think of is - becoming mindful and conscious about reproducing. We really do not need more humans on this planet, it will be nothing less than a great feat if you can embrace somebody who is already on this planet rather than reproducing of your own.

Embracing somebody who is not your child shows how evolved and unselfish human being you are. It might be difficult to accept but doing this can really make significant difference on this planet.

Rise to a challenge.

Sun salutation.
Sun salutation in river Ganges.

Surviving on this planet is becoming challenging because of depleting resources, so we must come together and collectively do something about it.

Reading this blog post and then forget the cause would prove meaningless for me to write this post. Before you close reading this page, I urge you to take responsibility in raising awareness among people around you. Do whatever is possible in your capacity.

It is a wakeup call for all of us to take charge of the situation before it is too late. We must feel responsible for wiping out the resources of Mother Earth leaving nothing or miniscule for our next generations.

Lets rise together to the cause of saving this beautiful and mesmerizing Mother Earth and ensure that we save its bounty for our next generations to enjoy.

My gratitude and offering.

My reverence to Mother Earth.
My reverence to Mother Earth.

Being an ardent lover of nature with deep sense of reverence, here I offer my gratitude to magnanimous and magnificent Mother Earth:

I will always remain indebted to You for sustaining me by bearing the burden of my mindless acts. Right from the moment of my birth till now I have been receiving your benevolence and abundance, and would continue to do so till my last breath. There is no way that I can repay it but praying to Divine for giving me enough wisdom so that I dare not waste even a single particle even in my ignorance.
Please accept this post as my offering to You. I deeply wish and desire, may somebody somewhere across the world reads this post and get inspired enough to take steps for living more consciously and overcome an urge for accumulating more.

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