Happy New Year 2014

30, Dec, 2013, by Seema Bhatnagar

Wishing you a very Happy and magnificent New Year 2014.

Let's welcome together the year 2014 with big hands, open arms, open heart and open mind. May this year brings joy and success in every aspect of your life and may you experience the peak of your potential.

Let's just be grateful for the fact that we are celebrating one more year of life and have experienced one more year of personal growth. Growth doesn't mean only positive, even negatives also plays a significant role in personal growth. Well equipped with the learning of past year, it is time to start and think new, it could be habits, mindsets, friends, connections, relationships, looks and new hobbies. Just see, you have so much to do in New Year.

Being a personal growth enthusiast, it is a time to have new goals and new resolutions, unlike others not as a ritual but from the bottom of your heart. Those of you who experienced any negativity in past year, there is absolutely no reason of losing heart, rather make use of this opportunity and see what are the areas where you see gaps and make yourself stronger to overcome it. If you could not meet your last year's resolutions and goals, it is again alright, now it is a perfect time to restart everything with a new mindsets and enthusiasm. Check out goal setting and self-discipline series if you want to get started on new goals and new mindsets.

Personally, I feel extremely delighted to say thanks to all my readers for giving me an opportunity to share a slice of their time by reading blog posts and sharing feedback and comments. Really, I am short of words for your kindness of remaining subscribed and sharing your personal experiences.

Announcements and Goals

Keeping the goals and growth in mind, I have few announcements and goals to share with you. Being a lover of change, I decided to have a new look for Abundance Thinkers website. The new look is better than before in terms of brightness, the current one is a bit bland. Hope, you would like it. It kept me occupied for whole last week, due to which I could not post much. Feel free to share your feedback, would love to hear. The new look would go live on 2nd Jan, 2014, 7:00 am IST, have specifically chosen this date, just to mark it well for time to come. Well, I decided to keep it as a birthday gift for myself. Due to this maintenance and upgrade, the site would remain unavailable on 1st of Jan, 2014. Will keep you posted on the status of availability.

Secondly, I am introducing a new series on work, with a name, "Success at work". It will be a 20 part series, don't get scared, each part will be a smaller one, easier to read and handy to implement in work life. This is based on my long years of corporate experience, hoping this would be helpful to many of you. The post would knock your inboxes every Wednesday.

Next, starting a new section, "Personal Growth Journal", this will be a collection of nuggets of knowledge, small inspiring stories, videos or anything which somehow do not fit into blog posts. The topics would be from diverse fields. The idea is to bring growth by enhancing knowledge and wisdom from every possible angle. There would not be any notification for this, you would have to visit website to enjoy reading this. Since the entries would be many, short and frequent, so I decided not to flood your mailboxes with emails.

Next, I have publishing on my mind. Have been thinking on it for more than a year but the idea could not take shape. Now, the time has come and I feel it is perfect to launch a book. Planning to launch it in first quarter. In addition to this, have plans to launch some eBooks as well. Will keep you posted on dates and contents.

Next, planning to hold a meet up in Delhi, India. It will be about meeting people who are like-minded and personal growth enthusiasts. No, there won't be any workshop, lecture or anything, just meeting and mingling with like-minded people. It will be one in winter and one in summer. This has certain limitations; this would be possible only if I receive appropriate number of responses and interests. Will soon share details.

Last but not the least; this is about my social contribution. My blog posts and life coaching are already enabling me to contribute socially but want to take it to the next level. My idea is to reach those people who are in need of money to raise themselves above unfortunate happenings and compulsions of life than personal growth. With that thought in mind, I am planning to setup a trust which will provide funds to social organizations that are on grounds and working directly with people who need money and other essentials in life. I have decided to contribute 10th part of my earning to this trust, it is for sure not in millions but I am confident that whatever amount it is, will surely make difference in somebody's life. Initially, starting it with my own savings but donations are welcome from you also, if you are interested. I am in discussion with financial experts and soon all the formalities would be completed. Will keep you updated with details and donation procedures.

So, this is all I have to share from business perspective. On personal goals, just single, simple and straight- personal growth to new level, through any means or angle. I am absolutely open for everything in life.

Once again, wishing you a very Happy and prosperous New Year 2014.

Have a great and powerful start of the year 2014.

With heartiest wishes.


Seema Bhatnagar
, Blogger, Writer, Life Coach and Founder of Abundance Thinkers, site for personal growth and development. Empowering people in achieving and living the best of personal potential.

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