Banana Sundae

9, Nov, 2012, by Seema

Estimated prepapration time : 30 (excluding freezing) 20 mins


Bananas - 3 large very ripe , sliced
Dates - 1/2 cup (deseeded)
Cacoa or carob powder - 1/4 cup
Pineapple - 1/2 cup chopped
Water - 3 tbspn


  1. Freeze banana for overnight or for 8-10 hours. A splash of lemon will prevent the browning which comes naturally on cutting.
  2. Take out frozen banana blend it well untill they reach the thick consistency.
  3. Pour it in a bowl and refrigerate it to keep it cool.
  4. Blend dates, carob powder and water, untill it becomes syrupy.
  5. In serving dishes, put a scoope of frozen banana and give a topping of chunks of pineapple and date-carob syrup.
Serve chilled.

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