Dahi Bhalla

8, Nov, 2012, by Seema

Traditional Background

Dahi Bhalla is a traditional dish from Northern part of India. It is prepared during festivals, Diwali and Holi. It is also a very popular street food item in North India, tastes best with garnishing of spices and a home made sweet sauce. Can be enjoyed as a snack or as a side dish for lunch or dinner.

Estimated cooking time : 60 mins and 8 hours of overnight preparation.


Urad daal (Split Black Gram)- 1 cup
Chilka Moong (Split Green Gram)- 2 cups
Curd - 250 gm
Chilli powder - 1/2 tspn
Salt - as per taste.
Sugar - 1 tspn
Heeng-Jeera powder (Can be made at home by roasting jeera and asafetida and then grinding them together.)
Ginger (Grated ) - 2 tspn
Corriander leaves - chopped, 3 tspn


Soak overnight.Mix these and use blender to blend them well.

For Deep Frying
  1. In a pan, heat 2 cups of cooking oil. Make fritters in ball shapes. Fry on medium heat until light brown.
  2. Once fried, release extra oil from fritters and put them in warm water.

For serving
  1. Filter out water from curd by hanging it into a muslin cloth for 30 - 45 mins.
  2. In a serving bowl, pour curd. Softly beat it well.
  3. Add sugar and salt in curd and mix it well.
  4. Squeeze out water from soaked bhallas and dip them into curd.
  5. Sprinkle chilli powder, heeng-jeera powder.
  6. Garnish with ginger and coriander leaves.
  7. Pour some saunth over it.
  8. Refrigerate for 30 mins.
Serve chilled with topping of sauce or sweet chatni.

Storage Tips - Must be kept in refrigerator and must be consumed within 3 days of preparation.

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