How to overcome procrastination?

Posted on: 21 Jan, 2014 by Seema Bhatnagar

Procrastination makes a person to delay work to some unknown time in future and for unknown reason. Due to this, teams can go down on morale and client can go unhappy. It is usually due to the boredom and lack of motivation in working environment. Sometimes, it can become the greatest cause of stress and anxiety at work and above all it can simply paralyze your success at work.

Following are tips which can help you in overcoming this habit:

  1. Figure out what is that which is making you to delay your tasks?
  2. Do you have right skills to perform undertaken task?
  3. Are you thinking about the associated failure with the task?
  4. Check it's priority in your TO-DO list. Organize and assign clear priority to task in hand.
  5. Check the impact of delaying your task. Since, your work is like a link in the big chain of organization, any delay at your end can result in potential bigger delay at organization level.
  6. Avoid keeping company of people who are already in this habit.
  7. Discuss with your seniors, if you feel there is a skill mismatch or it is not somewhere related to the role you are playing in the organization.
  8. To overcome this habit, have a clear picture of your up-to-date TO-DO list and refer it frequently to understand the impact of any delay.

Procrastination is a habit formed over a period of time. It usually become more firm when you don't realize it's impact on yourself and on others associated with you. Overcoming procrastination, can help you to have great confidence in yourself and your team can double it's productivity.

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